How to get Gvoke

Getting your prescription for Gvoke
has never been easier

Book an appointment with your doctor.

See your doctor or call them to request a prescription. Before picking up your prescription for Gvoke from your local pharmacy:

  • Make sure the pharmacy has Gvoke on their shelf
  • Check to make sure your insurance covers Gvoke. If your insurance company does not yet cover Gvoke, ask the pharmacist to request coverage. This
    is called a Prior Authorization form.

You should always talk to your healthcare professional about any new medications you take.

Gvoke is available by prescription only.

*Available if you have commercial insurance. If your prescriptions are reimbursed under Medicaid, a Medicare drug benefit plan, TRICARE, or other federal or state health programs (such as medical assistance programs), talk to your doctor about picking up Gvoke at your local pharmacy.

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