Girl holding Glucagon Emergency Kit

Eli Lilly and Company's Glucagon Emergency Kit has been a staple in my diabetic supply kit since I was first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 16 years ago. However, they announced earlier this year that their Glucagon Emergency Kit will be discontinued on December 31, 2022. With December just around the corner, transitioning patients will need to contact their health care providers about refilling or getting a new glucagon prescription.

Innovations in the glucagon market

When my husband and I first began looking into GEK alternatives, we were shocked by how many options were now on the market. I was amazed just how far glucagon has come from the little red kit many of us received on the day we were diagnosed with diabetes.

With a little research, it didn't take us long to find Gvoke HypoPen®, which is available in two dosage sizes: one for adults (1mg) and one for children as young as two years old (0.5mg). After our daughter Emma was diagnosed at 12 months old, I worried about whether I would be able to properly administer the Glucagon Emergency Kit if a low blood sugar crisis struck—but now, I feel much more confident. (Please note, it is not known if Gvoke HypoPen® is safe and effective in children under two years of age.)

Why Gvoke HypoPen® is the right choice for my family

Whether you're living with diabetes yourself or seeking options for your child with diabetes, Gvoke® offers multiple benefits. Gvoke PFS® is a syringe filled with premixed glucagon, so it's ready to use. Gvoke HypoPen® is a glucagon autoinjector that can be administered in just two steps—and there are no visible needles, so it can be less scary for many children like Emma. As a family of three diabetics ranging from 3 to 29 years old, it was important for us to find a glucagon option that's simple to administer in the event of an emergency low blood sugar situation. You can even give Gvoke HypoPen® to yourself in certain situations!

Talk to your health care provider

With December fast approaching, it's time to speak to your health care provider about your glucagon options. To prepare for your visit, I recommend bringing a list of questions you may have about Gvoke HypoPen®. Also, write down a few reasons why you believe Gvoke HypoPen® is right for you, and discuss them with your HCP. It's always important to do your own research!

Girl holding dog and Glucagon Emergency Kit

Prescriptions can be expensive, so remember to check for financial assistance and coupons. Your HCP or pharmacist may be able to assist you further. From our own experience, Gvoke® has a copay card and a Gvoke® coupon available to help the diabetic community afford their prescriptions and help keep themselves safe during a low blood sugar emergency.

Life since we switched to Gvoke HypoPen®

Since switching to Gvoke HypoPen®, I've been much calmer knowing that I'm sending Emma to school and Tyler to work with a reliable method of glucagon delivery. Remember, it's important to educate those around you so that they know how to help in case you have a low blood sugar emergency at work, school, or anywhere else. On the Gvoke® package insert, there are instructions for use. There are also helpful online resources, including PDFs and videos. I recommend sharing these resources with your family, friends, coworkers, and anyone else you spend a lot of time with.

Gvoke HypoPen® isn't an everyday tool, but it is an essential one. If you ever find yourself in a very low blood sugar emergency, it's important to be prepared. Remember to speak to your HCP about your glucagon options now before Eli Lilly's Glucagon Emergency Kit is discontinued!