If you're the parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, ensuring you have the latest and most accurate information on managing the disease is critical—especially as children head back to school. When you meet with your diabetes care team, write down questions in advance so you can make the most of your time and leave feeling more prepared than ever.

What should I ask my doctor about my child's type 1 diabetes?

We've compiled a list of questions you should feel comfortable asking your doctor before your child goes back to school this year. Bring a notebook and pen (or plan to take notes on your smartphone) so you can refer to their recommendations as needed.

1. Should I create a diabetes management plan? If you haven't already, work with your child's diabetes care team to fill out a management plan—or update the previous year's plan. Then, share the plan with anyone who plays a part in your child's school day and after-school care or activities.

2. How does Section 504 relate to my child? Ask your care team about Section 504 and what the school's responsibilities are to support your child safely and adequately.

3. How can I ensure my child eats healthy at school? Your child's doctor, nurse or other healthcare providers can offer guidance on nutrition and meal planning while your child is at school.

4. What should I know about exercise, sports and other physical activities? Make sure to have a conversation with your child's diabetes care team about any exercise, sports or activities your child plans to take part in during the school year. They can help ensure your child has a safe experience.

5. What should my child keep in their diabetes kit? Preparation is key when it comes to managing your child's diabetes. Confirm with your child's diabetes care team that you, and where appropriate, your child's school have the right supplies such as insulin pens, blood sugar meters, glucose tablets, and more.

6. Are there any new medications I should be aware of? Your child's diabetes care team should be in-the-know about any relevant advances in pediatric diabetes management. You can also ask them if your child should keep a glucagon autoinjector on hand like Gvoke HypoPen® (glucagon injection) for treatment of very low blood sugar.

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Where else can I find support for pediatric diabetes? Here are other great resources to check out as you manage your child's type 1 diabetes diagnosis: