Patients can request a prescription from you online

Plus, they can have it delivered straight to their home

PillPack by Amazon Pharmacy
Home delivery fulfilled by PillPack

There are two ways patients can request a Gvoke prescription from you: in-person or online at

If a patient requests Gvoke through the website, you will be contacted by PillPack to determine whether a prescription is appropriate for that patient.

Both prescribing options offer patients the flexibility to:

  • Have Gvoke conveniently delivered to their home through PillPack
  • Pick Gvoke up at their local pharmacy*

When a patient chooses online home delivery through PillPack, there is no additional cost to process, fill, and ship the prescription in the continental U.S.

Visit the Patient Website to see how patients can order Gvoke online to have it shipped directly to their homes.

*If you are a local pharmacy that would like to be listed on our website, please contact us.