Established safety profile1

Gvoke has a proven safety profile.

No severe side effects were seen in clinical trials.

Demonstrated in adults1

Most common adverse reactions (ARs) in >2% of adult patients
Gvoke 1 mg dose
Nausea 30%
Vomiting 16%
Injection site edema (raised ≥1 mm) 7%
Headache 5%

ARs occurring within 12 hours.

81% of ARs were mild in adult patients1

Demonstrated in pediatric patients1

Most common ARs in >2% of pediatric patients
Nausea 45%
Hypoglycemia 39%
Vomiting 19%
Headache 7%
Hyperglycemia 7%
Abdominal pain 3%
Injection site discomfort 3%
Injection site reaction 3%
Urticaria 3%

ARs occurring within 12 hours.

83% of ARs were mild in pediatric patients1

Reference: 1. Gvoke [prescribing information]. Chicago, IL: Xeris Pharmaceuticals, Inc; 2021.