99% treatment success* with a single dose in adults1

Gvoke brought blood sugar back up to safe levels1,†

In clinical studies, Gvoke brought 99% of adults out of their very low blood sugar event.

Gvoke raised blood sugar without sending it too high1

Average peak blood sugar increase of 176 mg/dL.

In a clinical study where participants were fasting, adults saw an average peak blood sugar increase of 176 mg/dL after using Gvoke.

It's important to remember that not every situation is the same and results may vary based on certain factors such as how low your blood sugar gets, how much insulin you've taken, and how many carbohydrates you have in your body.

*Treatment success was achieved if a person's plasma glucose reached higher than 70 mg/dL or increased by at least 20 mg/dL within 30 minutes after receiving Gvoke.
People are considered to be out of a low blood sugar event when their blood sugar rises to 70 mg/dL or higher.2
Severe low blood sugar was defined as <50 mg/dL.
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